Who We Are

Miracle is an IT services company. We provide a wide spectrum of custom software development outsourcing services to companies across the globe. Our aim is to provide bespoke, unique solutions to our clients’ problems. With state of the art technology and a team of dedicated professionals, we provide high-quality services that cover the lifespan of software products. A wealth of skills, expertise and tools are accessible for our those who choose us to be their external development partner. We are experts in anti-fraud and risk management solutions for the payment industry, e-commerce, blockchain-based tech development and integration, asset creation for the entertainment industry, full project localization, and risk audit and advice. We are also very proud of our top-of-the-range PSP (payment service provider) system, which elevates our clients’ e-commerce ventures to the next level.


What We Do

Miracle provides a range of IT solutions to companies around the world looking to maximize their technological potential. Below are the services we offer. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us!

Software Audit

If you lack any kind of skill that is needed for your project, make sure to contact us to fill the gap! We’ll provide a full and detailed audit, including a software licensing audit and code audit.

Outsourced Development

Save your time and money and leave any sort of digital development to our dedicated team of professionals. We deal with all types of tasks no mo matter what the difficulty level.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain needs no introduction. The technology has recently grown by 30% and keeps rolling! Pump up your project with blockchain technology to get noticed and move with the times!


We promise to meet all of your needs. Contact us any anytime from any part of the world to receive a comprehensive analysis of your future project and help making it a success. We follow all the digital trends on the market and are eager to share our knowledge with you!


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